Sunday, 24 November 2013

More About January in Japan 2014

Over at the January in Japan blog, I've just put the introductory post up, with a few more details about readalongs, giveaways and other exciting things.  Why not have a look and sign up for the event?  You know it makes sense... ;)


  1. I'll definitely be joining :) However I am unable to comment over at January in Japan because it seems the comment system of the blog is slightly different (no choice of Name/URL to comment with). None of my other accounts is linked to the reading blog :( Could the Name/URL option be added?

    1. Carola - That should all be fixed now :)

    2. Fixed indeed! Thanks :D

  2. count me in Tony ,I ve a few I brought ready and already two from Library so will have a few to review hopefully ,all the best stu


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